The Mayyas is the dance group that won the Golden Buzzer with its Amazing Dance

AGT judge Simon Cowell said that this dance is also beautiful and looks beautiful when everyone has done their job perfectly.

Mayyas group said that we are very happy that we came in this show, we are happy that we also got a chance to show our dance

When asked by Sofia Vergara, Mayas told that she is from Lebanon which is a very beautiful country.

But we have to struggle a lot to come here because Mayyas dance like us is not supported there.

The Mayes group hypnotize all the judges Simon, Sophia, Handy and Mendel with their dance.

Mayyas said that her biggest dream is to showcase her talent on the biggest stage and show the world what we Arab women can do.

Mayas first won the title in the finals in Arabs Goat, then participated in Britain's Goat Talent and went a long way