Medison Baez gave the Judges a Golden Buzze

Madison Baez comes from the audience to give her audition and surprises the judges as well as all the audience with her singing.

Madison Baez is only 11 years old, she has been practicing singing for 4 years. His dream was to give his audition in agt

Mendel asked Madison that if you win this show, then you will get a big prize of 1 million dollars, what will you do with it?

So Madison said that her father had stage 4 colon cancer for the last 9 years, crying that she would get him treated first.

Medison Baez has previously sung the national anthem for several sports related teams

Madison's singing made all the audience and the judges so happy that the judges could not live without giving a standing ovation

Madison Baez really delivered the best performance in her age that Mandel asked her to sing again