Max Osler touched the hearts of the judges and the audience with his stellar performance

Max Ostler Is Only 18 Years Old And He Came From Australia To America's Got Talent

Impressed by Max's scintillating dance moves, judges Sofia Verghara and Heidi Klum gave a standing ovation.

Max ostler unbelievable in front of all spectators in season 17 at AGT 2022

Max is from Penrith in Australia. He was also a member of Dream Dance Company after performing in the 2018 dance program

Max has been practicing dance since the age of 10, Max said that he wants to show his talent to the whole world.

Max has more than 7k followers on Instagram and Max also has a Tiktok account. he loves his dance

Max danced very well in AGT and you can also watch the video for this amazing performance