Maya's dance created a stir on AGT stage, people went crazy

Image source: Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Image source: The National

AGT stage

Mayyas has created a stir in the AGT platform before too.

Image source: ET Canada

AGT 2022 

Mayas was also the winner of AGT 2022 in which many people came to know her.

Image source: Instagram

Golden Buzzer 

Got the Golden Buzzer in the first performance in AGT 2022

Image source:  InspireMore

Eyes Dance 

In 2022, Mayyas Group performed an eye dance which left everyone in awe.

Image source:  Billboard

sofiya verghara

Sofia Vergara was most impressed by this group dance of Mayas.

Image source: Daily Mail

AGT 2023

In view of this fan following, Mayyas was invited again for performance in 2023.

Image source: People

audience applause

And this time also everyone's applause did not stop due to Mayyas' dance.

Image source: Arab News

Beautiful Dress 

It was difficult to match Mayyas's dress with beauty to see who was more beautiful.

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