AGT 2022 FINALIST - America's Got Talent 17 Eliminated Contestants

AGT 2022 FINALIST – America’s Got Talent 17 Eliminated Contestants

AGT 2022 finalist name revealed, along with some eliminations after the semi-finals round

AGT 2022 saw many contestants who gave their performances. Some of which were also unique acts, which were awarded 6 Golden Buzzers by Judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Host by Terry Crew. and made it to the finals.

America’s Got Talent Eliminated

Now as the show progressed, people got to meet the contestants of AGT 2022 who reached the live show after amazing performance. And it was these 55 acts that passed this audition stage and made it to the live show semifinals.

55 acts that made their way to the live show. Out of AGT 2022 Finalist Contestants, America’s Got Talent 17 Eliminated Contestants are also seen appearing in every episode.

America’s Got Talent Eliminated & Finalist contestant

Sr No.Contestant NameGenreActAudition WeekStatus
1Mervant VeraMagicMagicianWeek 1In Live Shows
2Veranica & Her Incredible FriendsAnimalsDog ActWeek 1Eliminated
3Ben LapidusSingingSingerWeek 1Eliminated
4XOMG PopDancingPop GroupWeek 1In Live Shows
5The Pack DrumlineMusicDrumline GroupWeek 1Eliminated
6Celia MunozSingingSingerWeek 1In Live Shows
7Avery Dixon 🌟MusicSaxophoneWeek 1Finalist
8Lee CollisionSingingSingerWeek 1In Live Shows
9Mike E. WinfieldComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 1In Live Shows
10Shu TakadaVarietyYoYo ArtistWeek 1In Live Shows
11Aiko TanakaComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 2Eliminated
12Drake MilliganMusicMusicianWeek 2Finalist
13FunkanometryDancingDancing DuoWeek 2In Live Shows
14Fusion JapanDancingDance GroupWeek 2Eliminated
15Jojo & BriSingingSinging DuoWeek 2In Live Shows
16Madison Baez 🌟SingingSingerWeek 2Eliminated
17Meta PhysicVarietyAI SoftwareWeek 2In Live Shows
18Blade to BladeDangerKnives ThrowingWeek 3In Live Shows
19HarperSingingSingerWeek 3In Live Shows
20Hayden KrystalComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 3In Live Shows
21Jack WilliamsComedyVentriloquistWeek 3In Live Shows
22Max OstlerDancingDancerWeek 3In Live Shows
23Players ChoirSingingSinging GroupWeek 3Eliminated
24Oleksandr YenivatovCircusContortionWeek 3Eliminated
25Sara James 🌟SingingSingerWeek 3Golden Buzzer
26The Brown BrothersSingingSinger/ PianistWeek 3Eliminated
27Urban Crew FlyersDancingDancing GroupWeek 3In Live Shows
28Lace LarrabeeComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 4Eliminated
29Mayyas 🌟DancingDancing GroupWeek 4Golden Buzzer
30Kristen CruzSingingSingerWeek 4In Live Shows
31Kristy SellarsDancingDancerWeek 4In Live Shows
32Jannick HolsteMagicIllusionWeek 4In Live Shows
33Cline TwinsOthersHockey TricksWeek 4In Live Shows
34Jordan ConleyComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 5In Live Shows
35Lily Meola 🌟SingingSingerWeek 5Golden Buzzer
36Merissa BeddowsSingingSingerWeek 5In Live Shows
37Mia MorrisMusicMusicianWeek 5In Live Shows
38MPLUSPLUSOthersStage TechnologistWeek 5In Live Shows
39Mr. PantsComedyComedianWeek 5Eliminated
40Nicholas RibsMagicMagicianWeek 5In Live Shows
41Acapop! KidsMusicMusic GroupWeek 6In Live Shows
42Duo RingsAcrobaticAcrobatsWeek 6Eliminated
43Stefanny and YeeremyDancingDancing DuoWeek 6Eliminated
44Travis JapanSing/DanceSinging/Dancing GroupWeek 6In Live Shows
45Wyn StarksSingingSingerWeek 6Eliminated
46Amanda MammanaSingingSingerWeek 7In Live Shows
47AmoukanamaAcrobatAcrobatic GroupWeek 7Eliminated
48Chapel Hart 🌟MusicMusic GroupWeek 7Finalist
(All Judges-Host)
49The Lazy GenerationNoveltyNovelty ActWeek 7In Live Shows
50Yu HojinMagicMagicianWeek 7Finalist
51Ava SwissSingingSingerWeek 8Eliminated
52Bayley GrahamDancingDancerWeek 8In Live Shows
53Don McMillanComedyComedianWeek 8Eliminated
54Freckled ZeldaMusicMusicianWeek 8Eliminated
55Aubrey BurchellSingingSingerWeek 9In Live Shows

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