Kota Factory season 3

‘Kota Factory season 3’ announced by Netflix original release date

Netflix showed the first glimpse of Kota Factory season 3, the audience was very happy, now they are eager to know when it will be released and how will this series be this time.

Kota Factory season 3: trailer released

Ever since Netflix showed the trailer of Kota Factory Season 3, the audience has been unable to calm down. The first glimpse won everyone’s mind, now the audience is eagerly waiting for the release date of the series. People are eager to see the comedy and teaching of our superstar Jeetu Bhaiya once again. Our IIT journey is still incomplete, season 3 is coming soon to complete it.

Kota Factory Season 2 Ending:

In the ending of Kota Factory Season 2, we saw the atmosphere of IIT results being celebrated with great pomp. And our hero takes his step forward in the preparation of IIT and Jeetu Bhaiya also leaves the old coaching and opens his own coaching.

And our superstars all go to study there. After the results are declared, some of Jeetu Bhaiya’s students fail and they are unable to bear the shock. This is how our Kota Factory season 2 ended. And now Kota Factory season 3 is being released to complete this story.

Kota Factory season 3 team said

The team of our Kota Factory season 3 says that season 1 and 2 got a lot of love from the audience and due to the love of the audience, there was a demand to make season 3 even more fun. Season 1 Hamara 2019 was launched in season 2 2021.

Was. And now Kota Factory season 3 will be launched in this year 2024. It took a year more to launch it because there was a lot of work involved due to which it got delayed. How our superstar decides the journey of IIT will be known only after watching season 3.

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