khan sir biography what is the true story

khan sir biography what is the true story

Today we are going to tell you such unheard things about Khan sir biography which you may not even know. He will also tell in detail about the precious journey of Khan sir’s life.

khan sir biography:

Who is Khan sir

If you want to know about Khan Sir, then ask every student who is working hard in search of a big job. Khan sir is everyone’s favorite today. Khan sir also does the work of teaching like millions of teachers do. But today our Khan Sir of Patna is famous not only in India but also in foreign countries. Because Khan sir’s style of teaching is different from everyone else, he makes even difficult questions easy for children. Khan Sir is very generous, perhaps that is why many children like Khan Sir. Let us tell you that Khan sir had given many exams but he could not pass. Once he even passed the NDA exam but he could not get selected. Khan sir is considered a very big YouTuber, today lakhs of children study with Khan sir and one special thing is that fees are also charged from everyone to study with Khan sir. Because of which children even from small families are now able to dream big. These people consider Khan Sir as their God. Khan sir is the only teacher who believes in all religions. Khan sir has even made a record of tying Rakhi. Which hardly anyone will be able to break. Khan sir always wanted to join the army but the circumstances permitted something else. Today many students are happy that Khan sir was not selected, otherwise today thousands of army, thousands of police etc. could not have been formed from small houses.

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Khan sir real name

Khan Sir believes in all religions. When a student in the class asked him his real name, he told the names of Ram, Lakshman, Akbar, Zeus, and many other religions, but then many people wanted to know the real name of Khan Sir. Is. khan sir full name is faisal khan. Who has studied from Allahabad University. Khan sir used to study diligently since childhood.

khan sir age

Birth of Khan Sir: We also think about the birth of Khan Sir, where is the real house of Khan Sir, today everyone knows that Khan Sir teaches students in Patna. Actually, Khan sir was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh in December 1993, even though many people do not know this but the reality is that Khan sir was born in Uttar Pradesh but his behavior is exactly like that of a Bihari.

Khan sir KBC

Khan sir had recently gone to a big platform like KBC where he had to test his knowledge. Here Khan sir also told that once a coaching center owner offered him Rs 107 crore to teach but Khan sir refused. He was rejected because Khan Sir does the work of teaching for money and for the blessings of the people. Khan Sir happily told this. Friends, let us tell you that when Khan was playing big quiz games like KBC with Sir Amitabh Bachchan ji, he was moving forward with great speed and it seemed that he would win only 7 crores. But time itself ended. After which Khan sir could not get Rs 7 crore. Friends, this KBC episode has also been made available on YouTube, you can watch it here.

khan sir net worth

Talking about Khan sir’s net worth, it is important for you to know about Khan sir’s source of income. Khan sir has lakhs of children studying from YouTube. Khan Sir teaches thousands of children even offline. And they also have a separate app. Khan sir was recently offered Rs 107 crore. But tell me Khan sir, at present the annual income is Rs 2.5 crore.

khan sir family

Very few people would know about Khan Sir’s family, however, let us tell you that Khan Sir’s family consists of his parents and an elder brother. Khan sir’s father had also served in the army and if we talk about Khan sir’s elder brother, he is a capable commando, perhaps that is why Khan sir wanted to join the army since childhood. Khan GS Research Center Khan Sir also has 20.4 million subscribers. Whereas Instagram has around 500k followers and Facebook has around 300k followers. Khan sir is not even married yet

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