YRKKH 25 Jan Upcoming story written update, Abhira got a new feeling

YRKKH 25 Jan Upcoming story written update, Abhira got a new feeling

YRKKH 25 Jan written update

Abhir who was recently entered in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update. And who had given Rs 50 lakh to Manish Goenka. Manish Goenka got a small clue about Abhir but that Abhir was fake. So will we know about Abhir or not? Friends, if Abhir has been mentioned in YRKKH, then soon the truth will also be known.

As in the last episode, Ruhi left the Poddar house and came to her home. So here Ruhi is slowly getting to know about the Saree incident. And in this, Ruhi also came to know about Abhir, now Ruhi wants to bring Abhir back home. In which Ruhi is also going to help her Nanu in the upcoming episodes.

YRKKH 25 Jan written update

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update, when Armaan suddenly met Abhira at a fair, Abhira was actually going for her work when his friend dragged Abhira to a fair. Where Armaan had already called Ruhi to meet. But after meeting Abhira, the fight between them started once again over Ruhi. Then Armaan very nicely told Abhira about Ruhi’s pain and said that if you say one sorry, everything will be fine.

Armaan is trying his best to somehow ensure that Roohi returns to the Poddar house, only then her family members will start talking to her. Just then Abhira collides with Ruhi but before that Ruhi had seen Armaan and Abhira together. That’s why she was now even more angry with Abhira. When Abhira met Ruhi, she apologized to her for all her mistakes. But Ruhi pushed him away angrily.

Abhira’s dream came true, she got the first case of her life and all this happened with the help of Armaan. Therefore, a new feeling for Armaan is awakening in Abhira’s mind. Abhira is very happy. Abhira takes a bouquet of flowers for Arman but she learns the biggest truth yet. Abhira sees Armaan and Ruhi hugging and comes to know the truth about Armaan and Ruhi. Now hatred for both has awakened in Abhira’s mind, what will happen next. To know this keep watching our new update

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Once in Abhira’s life, his biggest enemy who had killed Akshara came. Now to know how Armaan will get punishment and help Abhira, you can read about this episode.

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