YRKKH Upcoming story latest written update, twist, Abhir's face shown

YRKKH Upcoming story latest written update, twist, Abhir’s face shown

A new face is coming in the latest written update who is likely to be Abhir. After a lot of searching we found out that Abhir Dev is most likely to be Shikhavat whose new entry is about to happen.

YRKKH latest written update

In YRKKH latest written update, Armaan’s mother was asking Armaan to bring Ruhi back home somehow. Then his father comes and tells him the whole truth that Arman is burdened with favors. And like always, after hearing all this, his mother starts crying and Armaan starts fighting with his father.

Armaan’s father simply says that there has always been a difference between Armaan and Rohit. Because Armaan is the son of his first wife. But as usual, Armaan melts after seeing his stepmother’s tears.

YRKKH latest written update

In YRKKH latest written update, Abhira is going to take the first step towards her dream. His exam is going to happen. Before the exam, Abhira goes to the temple where she meets Ruhi but Swarna collides with Abhira and Ruhi’s puja items accidentally fall from Abhira.

Due to which a big fight takes place between Ruhi’s aunt and Abhira. Ruhi’s aunt catches Abhira’s exam file and Ruhi helps her to get rid of the file but by mistake the file falls into the fire and gets burnt. Abhira’s exam remains incomplete, Abhira once again becomes very disappointed because of Ruhi and Armaan comes to know all this.

Now what decision will Armaan take? Will he speak on behalf of Abhira or on behalf of Ruhi? You can share your opinion in the comments.

 latest written update
YRKKH latest written update

Entry of a new man in YRKKH latest written update: Till now the face of Abhira’s boss whom she was going to assist was not shown. But in the upcoming update, the face of Abhira’s boss is going to be seen and the possibility of him being Abhir is considered very high.

At present, Abhira could not reach on time, so Charu, who is Abhira’s sister-in-law, is with the boss instead. At present the name of Abhira’s boss has been revealed as Dev Shikhawat. But gradually its secret will also be revealed. For that stay connected to our latest updates.

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