Doctor's advice for fever: causes, types and treatment at home

Doctor’s advice for fever: causes, types and treatment at home

Today we will tell you what is the cause of fever, what are its types and how to treat it at home with the Doctor’s advice for fever. will explain it in detail

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Fever is a disease that comes to every person and sometimes the fever is so fatal that you have to go to the doctor. In such a situation, for those who do not want to go to the doctor or sometimes it happens that the hospital is far away from our house or do not want to spend that much, then for that we have given this facility of treatment at home to you. Through which you will get advice from the doctor and there is no need to go to the doctor.

what is the cause of fever

fever: causes, types and treatment at home

There are many reasons for having fever, in which all of them come.

1.Virus: In this cold and difficulty in breathing and related to virus.

2.Side effects: Some medicines that you do not like can have side effects.

3.Bacteria: such as typhoid pneumonia or infection

4.Alcohol: After quitting alcohol consumption

5.Infection: Infection of various parts of the body

6.Sunshine: Leaving the house in extreme sunlight without safety

what are the types of fever

fever: causes, types and treatment at home

There are many types of fever, especially fever has been divided into three categories, in which thermometer which is an instrument to measure fever. Based on the degree of this instrument, it is told that if it is more than 103 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is considered as a very high fever. What are the different types of fever and the symptoms are given below.

1.Persistent fever

Persistent fever lasts for a long time, in which fever remains as long as the disease lasts. The special thing about this fever is that there is never a difference of more than 1 degree F, this type of fever is seen in special diseases typhoid, cerebral malaria and encephalitis research.

doctor’s advice for fever – To avoid this, you should always wash your hands, especially when you have gone to the toilet or have been in a crowd for a long time or have been near a person or animal that is already infected or sick.

2.Fever that lasts for weeks or months

We also call it chronic fever because it lasts for a long time. There is no limit to this fever, it lasts for a long time, it lasts for two weeks, sometimes it lasts even for a month. But the good thing is that it remains mild, this fever is due to many diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and it has many reasons, sometimes even due to not treating malaria, this long-lasting fever dominates you. goes.

doctor’s advice for fever – Avoid infection by yourself and save others too, while sneezing or coughing, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief, do not sneeze in front of any person or woman and tell your close ones to do this, many people will be able to avoid infection

3. recurrent fever

This fever keeps coming down and it seems that this is the special thing of this fever. This happens intermittently, in this the body temperature is the same throughout the day, it can last for several days or say there is no difference in this type of fever by more than 2 degrees, there are chances of its occurrence, infection, typhoid, filariasis are its common Example is.

doctor’s advice for fever – Always avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth because when you are out somewhere, you may have come under infection with some nasty virus and have put your hands on these places without washing your hands, then you may become a victim of disease. can

4. Sometimes low and sometimes very high fever

We especially call this fever as the fever that is ever more frequent. This type of fever occurs 1 to 3 times a day and goes away, sometimes it gets completely cured after 4 to 5 hours. Examples of this are typhoid, flu and some fever T.V comes only in the evening and goes away in the morning

doctor’s advice for fever – Wash your hands thoroughly, wash both the front and back of your hands well and ask your child and elders to do the same, there is nothing bad about it. This will reduce your chances of getting an infection

5. geriatric fever

We call this fever the fluke fever, in which the high fever lasts only for a few hours throughout the day, due to the cold in the muscles of the body, mostly this fever lasts for a few hours and for 1 to 2 days or even less. gets released. Its main examples are malaria, septicemia.

doctor’s advice for fever – In all this, it is learned that handwash should always be done and should not come in any infection, you will also save yourself and your family members will also be saved from any disease.

Doctor’s advice for fever to Treatment at home

fever: causes, types and treatment at home

1.cold water bandages will work fever

Dip a clean cloth in clean cold water and then squeeze it and put it on the forehead or neck and then after staying for 1 to 2 minutes, change it continuously. . Along with doing this, that person also needs a lot of rest, remember that the water should not be too cold. This remedy is very old and very beneficial

2.use of sandalwood in fever

Sandalwood is a very cool thing, it is always considered useful, doctor advice for fever make a paste by grinding sandalwood with water and apply it on the head, it does not harm in any way.

3.Invaluable benefit of Tulsi in fever

Tulsi is considered to be the most beneficial gem in fever, in fact it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. The decoction of basil leaves or the juice of basil leaves benefits our body, it increases the immunity of our body, due to which our body gets a lot of power to fight any disease, especially in fever, you can stay healthy. But it can also be done, it does not harm the body in any way. If you drink the juice of basil leaves by adding honey, ginger and the patient, then the chances of getting rid of fever increase even more.

4.The easiest way to make turmeric milk

By far the easiest and least laborious way to reduce fever is with turmeric milk. Turmeric also has the ability to kill bacteria, it is also consumed like basil leaves. It boosts immunity and gives instant relief from infection.

Doctor’s advice for fever Turmeric has special properties like antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal, its benefits are very high in special fever, it will not take you much effort to make it, just heat the milk and 1 to half teaspoon turmeric Mix well. Mix it and take turmeric milk as the best home remedy

5.Garlic is the perfect remedy for fever

Doctor’s advice for fever Do not use this remedy on pregnant women or young children to cure this garlic, use it only after taking complete information.

Very few people use garlic in fever because very few people know about it well, but let us tell you that garlic has many properties like antifungal and also cut it into small pieces in hot water for 8 to 9 days. After keeping it for a minute, filter it in a glass and drink it. Due to this, your body will generate very high heat despite having fever, which will cause sweating and in common cases, due to excessive sweating, diseases like fever are left.

6.Vegetable intake and rest necessary for fever

Sometimes there is a dire need of rest to cure fever, in fever, there is a war going on inside your body between immunity and fever virus, so rest is very important, try to eat vegetables and fruits. Drink warm water, this will kill the bacteria inside you and try to take a bath with lukewarm water. It will protect your body from deaf infection

NOTE : By doing all these home remedies, you will be completely right, but after that, doctors Advice for fever or many other diseases, do this 6 easy workout daily, because there are chances of getting sick a lot, then follow it. We hope that you must have liked this post, and if you got some help from this post advice for fever, then you can comment us, and for any kind of help, by commenting on this post advice for fever can, In our site, you will continue to get such good posts, so stay connected with us.

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